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The easiest way to apply cream to any back, even if you're alone

Unless you're an acrobat, it's not always easy to lather your back with cream when you have limited mobility or living alone.

We offer the safest, most convenient means for applying medicated creams on hard-to-reach areas of the body.

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The MEDi-Derm applicator will transform your Life

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Easy to apply without missing a single spot
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No mess to clean and quick to wash
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Zero "left-over" cream wasted
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Our patented applicator is made under strict, sterile, and quality standards

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Cartridge and Turning Dial

Cartridge with a turning dial lets the user expel precise amounts of semi-solid cream as needed

Detachable Handle

Detachable handle for a more personal intimate massage

Innovative Cartridge

Unlike squeeze tubes, our innovative cartridge leaves zero wasted cream 

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